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Our night super soft pads with wings and super absorbent core will let you get a good night’s rest, keeping leaks at bay while you sleep.

Product features

  • Ultra-thin design gives you the freedom to forget about your pad
  • Stay put wings to keep the pad in place
  • Excellent absorption from our micro gel beads
  • Super soft fragrance-free cover is gentle on skin


You’ll want to change your pad every three to five hours depending on your flow, but when it’s time to refresh simply wrap your used pad in the paper of the new pad, or in some tissue paper. Dispose of your used pads in a sanitary bin, or with your household waste.



17 May 2019

Super Soft Pads Normal

"Really love using all your products. These pads are soft and not plasticky at all. They don’t make you feel sweaty like other pads, they aren’t noisy when you walk, and stay in place really well. I do miss the super soft Maxi pads that you also used to make, they were lovely too. "


28 March 2019

Super Soft Pads Normal

"I have trouble with other pads being too rough and irritating however these pads are super duper soft and do not irritate. Not only this, but the wrapping is unusual and not plastic meaning it is better for the environment. 🌱 I am not sure if these pads are vegan but it would be great to get adult vegan pads, as it will be better for the environment. 👍"