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Comfort and protection with smartfit

Our compact applicator tampons proved more comfortable and a better fit than the leading compact applicator brand.* That’s because unlike most other tampons that expand lengthways, Lil-Lets expand all the way round using SmartFit technology, to give you great comfort, fit and protection.

The dip test

The dip test

What people have been saying about Lil-Lets


The absorbency you use isn’t related to how big or small you are. It’s to do with the change in flow you experience when you’re ‘on’. It’s therefore normal to use more than one absorbency depending on which day of your period it is.

And with 6 different absorbencies, Lil-Lets have the widest range available in the UK to ensure that you’re always completely protected whatever day it is.

We’ve all heard them. The old wives tales about what happens when you wear tampons. Here’s a few of the most common myths.

  • You can’t sleep wearing one
  • Or pee
  • They’re hard to use
  • They can get lost or stuck inside you
  • You can only wear one once you’ve had sex

But that’s exactly what they are. Myths. So don’t worry, tampons are perfectly safe and easy to use.

So hopefully at this stage you’re on Team SmartFit™. But if you still need a little convincing, here are a few more reasons to tempt you over to our side.

  • They cut down on any embarrassing odours
  • You can wear your favourite, skinny fitting clothes
  • You don’t have to bring your bag with you EVERY time you go to the loo
  • You can go swimming

We know, sounds scary, right? But contrary to what you may have heard, Toxic Shock Syndrome is incredibly rare. Chances are you will never know anyone who has it. But, it can be fatal which is why every pack of Lil-Lets tampons comes with full instructions on the safe use of tampons.

* In 2016, 138 women tested both Lil-Lets compact applicator tampons and the leading compact applicator brand in Regular, Super or Super Plus absorbencies. 95% of Lil-Lets tampons were comfortable and 91% fitted the body well. Of those who experienced comfort or fit issues, 84% of Lil-Lets tampons were comfortable, 11% more than the leading brand (total 262 tampon uses) and 80% of Lil-Lets tampons fitted their body well, 9% more than the leading brand (total 372 uses).