What is the Lil-Lets schools programme?

Are you finding it difficult to talk about periods and puberty with your soon to be teen? You're not alone. Various studies have shown that many parents feel like this and struggle to raise the subject.

As it needs to be handled sensitively, we've created free resources to help teachers cover these topics as part of the PSHE or Life Skills classes in school.

Once your child has attended this class, you may feel more confident at being able to continue the conversation with your teen.

The Lil-Lets school programme covers:

  • An educational DVD that explains the different aspects of puberty and periods with unique footage of REAL teenagers talking about puberty, growing up and periods. It includes easy to follow animations that explain the female reproductive system and menstrual cycle. Dr Sarah Creighton, a leading UK adolescent gynaecologist, provides a commentary on the changes they'll be going through and gives boys and girls an understanding of what is happening to them in an interesting and engaging way.
  • Educational resources and FAQs that debunk any puberty & period myths they might have.
  • Samples for girls to take away with individual pads, tampons and liners to introduce them to the different types of products available and to have some to hand when their period arrive.
  • ‘Becoming a Teen’ Booklet for girls with helpful advice on puberty, periods and growing up, written in a friendly and easy to follow way.