Girls top 10 questions

On our ‘Becoming a Teen’ website we have a section called ‘Ask Vicki
where girls can anonymously ask Vicki any question they like, to which they’ll receive a private response back.

We get hundreds of questions each week so thought you might
be interested to hear which questions keep on cropping up.

Did you know that no two boobs are the same? Did you also know that it’s really common for one breast to develop before the other, sometimes with a few months in between? Strange but true AND completely normal.

Have you noticed a change to your daughter's chest area? If you have, then there’s no question she’ll be very conscious of it, especially as her friends will probably be chatting about this subject at school as well. Why don’t you ask if she's thought about wearing a bra or crop top?  If she says yes, make a day of it and take her shopping to try on different styles and sizes.  If no, then ask her to let you know when she does want to and you'll be more than happy to take her.

Discharge normally appears 6 - 12 months before a girl’s first period but it can be a little un-nerving for her if she doesn’t know what it is. Let her know that it's perfectly normal, as is a change in both the colour and texture of it throughout the month.  Buy her some panty liners too, as this will help to build her confidence.  Lil-Lets Teens liners are shorter and narrower and come in a re-sealable pouch so she can keep them discreetly in her school bag.

It's no wonder your daughter feels under pressure to shave. Peer pressure and media coverage of girls and women devoid of body hair are everywhere and a girl as young as 10 can think hair removal is the norm. Whether you agree or not it's important for her to know hair growth is normal and that it's ok to keep it as it is.

If you don't want her to shave, maybe just keep the option open by saying you're not happy for her to remove it at the moment but you'll talk about it again in 6 months.

If you do think its ok, offer her some tips on how to wax or shave any unwanted hair safely.

And she's right, it is so unfair?! Just when your appearance becomes really important to you, puberty hits and spots can appear (sometimes overnight)!

The good news is there are lots of wonderful skincare products on the market nowadays that are really effective. Introduce her to some that she can use on a daily basis that may help reduce the amount of spots she’s getting. As we all know, what you put into your body also has a direct effect on the outside, so you could also suggest she avoids eating sweets and greasy food. Easier said than done though!

It’s also worth pointing out that this phase won’t go on for long as it’s a sign of all the hormonal changes taking place in the body.

This is a really common question because it’s a really common sign that her first period is coming soon! Gentle exercise or a hot water bottle can really help. If it doesn’t, there’s also no harm in giving her some pain killers under your supervision.

Again this is really normal. Periods can often be irregular during the teenage years. So long as she knows this, she'll be less likely to worry. If you give her some pads and liners to keep with her, she'll be prepared for when it arrives.

You're trying to strike a balance between being understanding and trying to stay calm when tempers rise and her moods change. Reassure her that her mood swings are down to her hormones increasing and it’s also worth discussing how to manage these changes. Although, it’s best not to attempt this when one is occurring.

It’s worth considering that your daughter might also be falling out with her school friends, and not know how to talk to you or them about it. It's amazing how supportive just listening can be but also suggest some fun activities she can do with her friends that will help them forget any potential rifts.

This question ranks highly on ‘Ask Vicki’ as it appears that Mums think their daughters will tell them when they need some protection however the daughters are usually not sure how to ask.

We suggest you put together a little pack of essentials for her with some pads, wipes, liners and a spare pair of pants inside. You could also buy her a full size pack of pads to keep in her room so she feels more independent. You might want to try our Lil-Lets Teens pads which are designed specifically shorter and narrower to fit a girl’s body. Or you could buy her the Lil-Lets Teens starter pack, which has a whole selection of products for her and comes in a pretty re-usable cosmetics bag.

From what we’ve heard, swimming and holidays are usually the catalysts that make girls consider using tampons. Whilst there is no medical reason why a girl cannot use tampons as soon as she gets her period, pads are preferable for the first few periods so she can get used to her flow and cycle.

If she wants to start using tampons, we suggest you buy her the Lil-Lets Teens range of tampons which are shorter and narrower than other brands and come in regular and super absorbencies. It's worth pointing out that inserting tampons takes a bit of practice at first and your daughter should get into the habit of alternating between pads and tampons from time to time.