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Lil-Lets teens day pads are the perfect solution for girls just starting their periods, providing freshness and great protection from leaks.

Product features:

  • Super absorbent core, which is just as absorbent as our adult pads
  • Stay-put wings to keep your pad in place
  • Smaller, narrower towel designed especially for teens
  • Fragrance-free and kind on delicate skin

When it’s time to change pads, simply remove the towel from your underwear and wrap it in the wrapper from your new towel (or in some tissue paper). Most public toilets will have a dedicated sanitary bin for you to dispose of your used towel, but if not, it can be placed in a household/general waste bin — make sure you don’t flush your towel or wrapper, as this can cause pipe blockages, and it’s harmful for the environment!

Our teens day pads are ideal for a light to medium flow, keeping active teens on the go all day. We also have night pads and long pads in our teens range, so you’ll find the perfect product for your unique flow!

Find our entire range of teen online, from our teens liners to our teens non-applicator tampons. We’ve also got plenty of helpful advice on getting your first period, including a guide on signs your daughter is about to start her period.



16 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"hi i am just starting my 3rd period and i have found the Lil-Lets day pads amazing for mu use and i can wear these at night as well which is very handy. the packaging the product comes in is really good for disposing the pad"

3 of us!

16 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Please make the sticky bit more sticky! Love the product but found it to be a bit less sticky recently, so can move out of place. Don’t want to have to look for a new brand as the size and absorbency are fabulous. "