Lil-Lets range of non-applicator tampons provide amazing protection against leaks, keeping you feeling comfortable for longer. Our Smartfit™ technology means that each tampon expands all the way round, fitting your natural shape perfectly. They’re easy to insert with a smooth cotton tip, and they’re fragrance free too!

Our non-applicator tampons are available in six absorbencies — Lite, Regular, Super, Super Plus Extra and Ultra, plus they all have a helpful absorbency coloured string. No matter how your flow changes throughout your cycle, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for tampons for heavier periods? Simply choose one of our higher absorbencies and you won’t need to worry about any leaks, even on your heaviest flow days!

At Lil-Lets, we are committed to reducing period plastic. Using tampons without applicators can help you to reduce the amount of plastic you use on your period and our non-applicator tampons are just as easy to insert! If you prefer organic products we also have a range of organic non-applicator tampons made from 100% organic cotton and available in 3 absorbencies; Regular, Super and Super Plus.


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